Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trainer Level 1

Train the Trainers: Level 1

After 2 long days with schedules stretching from 3PM to 9PM, after trainings, preparations and exercises, 12 of us made a new step in their career as a trainer. I can be a bit proud and say that I'm one of them... since it was one of my goals for some time now.

What about the trainings?
They (in order of appearance) were about:

  1. The power of feedback (Did you know there are different types of feedback? Alexandra explained it clearly)
  2. "Arhaic neologic" (Nice exercise there, Cristi! now I know how technological evolution steals different essential skills from us)
  3. Branding and how is it important in a company (Alex made it clear how important is it for a company to have it's own identity)
  4. Attitude towards change (I still miss the rest of Manuela's story, what should I do with my labyrinth?)
  5. Electronic music (Too bad Paul had problems with the logistics, at least I know about Kraftwerk now <<thanks Anca for the correct spelling>>)
  6. Tips & Tricks in blogging (Let's see how Andi uses them)
  7. Inter-cultural communication (Anca: "There is life outside AIESEC!")
  8. How to fit 1000 words into an image?
  9. How many times have you been taken hostage? (Yes, it seems Ionut convinced us that it is part of our daily life)
  10. The basics of photography (Delia, you still have to teach me more about volume, no matter how many artistic photos were in that slideshow)
  11. Contests and competition (Anda seems to have something for everyone)
  12. I'm small, the planet's big! (BMW vs. a double cheeseburger: Anca seems to know which one creates more pollution)

How to fit 1000 words into an image?

  • My idea was to introduce them to same basic basic specifications that make a camera stand out and also the way they affect the photography:
    • Exposure
    • Shutter speed
    • Aperture
  • We also tried a study-case, by comparing two different digital cameras at almost the same price.
  • The last part in my agenda was a practical exercise that underlined the importance of a swivel display on your camera.
  • Since I've finished 60% of my presentation in the first 5'30" and I still had 7' for the rest of it, I still had time to answer questions and finish 30" earlier.

If you enjoyed the story, you might like also the presentation, even though it is written (mainly) in Romanian. There are also the six photos from the practical exercise.

As Adi Rindasu (Edurom) told us: "See you at TTT Level 2!"

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