Saturday, March 1, 2008

Start ME

Smart Trainings for Achieveing the Right Talent for My Education

START ME, realized by AIESEC Iași during 15th of February and 15th of April 2007, is a training program for about 150 students in 10 high-schools, on themes of personal development and career orientation.

This had been thought as a non-formal educational platform which actions together with the traditional learning system and will be held in English by 4 trainees from AIESEC’s network. The program is structured in two modules. The first one contains themes of personal development like: creativity, public speaking, pro-activity, emotional intelligence, team work etc. The second one includes sessions of personal skills discovery, personality tests, and visits at various universities in order to observe the specific of each of them, the way of teaching, the courses, and also sessions of discussions with well prepared people from many domains in order to get a real image of the various professions.

The career orientation module had come to an end and about 120 students had meetings and discussions with students from various universities and with professionals from various domains.

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